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Sep 03 2014

Veranda September 2014

Master of the Mix "Gallerist Blair Voltz Clarke mingles cool downtown style with uptown elegance. Clarke likes to "blend statement pieces... with more democratic wares". Mingled among her mix is the Abigail applique Boudoir Sham; a traditional style turned chic with scalloped edges and blue tones.  Contact us today to start designing your own custom statement piece!  … read more about Veranda September 2014

Aug 27 2014

Architectural Digest September 2014

"A Different Stripe" "Just outside Miami, Dee and Tommy Hilfiger team up with Matyn Lawrence Bullard on a Polychrome palace for vibrant art and groovy-chic furnishings." Text by: Mayer Rus | Photography by: Douglas Friedman | Produced by: Carlos Mota "Bullard crafted a series of luxe bedroms tricked out in arresting colors and patterns - giant yellow dots, red-and-white candy stripes, shimmerine metallic swirls, and perhaps most frolicsome of all, scratch-and-sniff fruit wallpaper..."  Each room has it's own custom Leontine look. In th red candy stripe room the simplistic lines of the Mark applique monogram keeps the focus on the walls. … read more about Architectural Digest September 2014

Aug 27 2014

Elle Decor September 2014

Tale of Two Cities Inspired by a renowned London cocktail bar, a couple asks Steven Gambrel to conjure an aura of old world glamour in Manhattan.  Text by: Kathleen Hackett  | Photography by: Eric Plasecki | Produced by: Cynthia Frank "Its a rare decorator who would attempt to re-create the magic of a foreign trip trying to bring it all home. The beauty of say, a riad relies on more than its interior courtyard and the tiled walls that surround it... So it might come as a surprise that Steven Gambrel, a designer whose reputation rests on his respect for … read more about Elle Decor September 2014

Aug 04 2014

Style Bueprint/Nashville August 2014

Jane Scott Hodges: FACES of the South By: Christian Owen  "Couture linen designer Jane Scott Hodges founded Leontine Linens in 1996. This New Orleans-based leader in the home and luxury products industry has a loyal following and is known for tailoring high-quality linens to fit the lifestyle and aesthetic of each client. Even though Jane Scott’s brand has a loyal following nationwide, she remains true to the Southern influence behind her company and an emphasis on enduring quality and customization. For an exquisite, two-dimensional tour of Leontine Linens, Jane Scott’s book, Linens, is a testimony … read more about Style Bueprint/Nashville August 2014

Jul 07 2014

Today’s Charlotte Woman July 2014

Wall to Wall  Top Trends in Wall Treatments By: Karsen Price "Home Decor like fashion, is a giant revolving door... with things going in and out of style faster than you can say "en vogue". Check out this month's issue of Today's Charlotte Woman for more details on the interiors in this article or Contact Us today to get designing your own set of custom bed linens and bath towels.  … read more about Today’s Charlotte Woman July 2014

May 30 2014

Elle Decor June 2014

Color Commentary  A woman way of anything but white is surprised to discover that the consummate colorist Katie Ridder is the ideal designer to reimagine her family's townhouse Text by: KAthleen Hackett  Photography by: Eric Piasecki  Produced by: Robert Rufino "When Katie Ridder first met her clients at their townhouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side, the interior designer was greeted by a bloodhouse, a black Labrador retriever, and a Labradoodle... "The wife talked about how pets need to be able to roam freely in a house, that no sofa was too precious." With that in mind Katie … read more about Elle Decor June 2014

May 30 2014

Milieu Spring 2014

Infusion of Color A Houston couple wanter their 1927 home to stay true to its original architecture and style while becoming bright and fresh for today Interior Design by: Eleanor Cummings  Architecture By: Kirby Mears Photography By: Peter Vitale  Written By: David Masello  ..."We used plenty of colors throughout the house, along with patterns, as on the master bedroom and kitchen walls, but all of the hues and shades cohere and complement one another," She says. "It was important to keep a careful balance."  Cummings was able to keep this balance with the patterned walls in the … read more about Milieu Spring 2014

Apr 22 2014

Southern Living May 2014

Southern HOME: The South's Best Design & Style Ideas Spring for a Garden Party FIne linens expert Jane Scott Hodges celebrates the ladies lunch by setting avibrant table in a range of fresh hues By: Kate Abney Photographys by: Laure W. Glenn Styled by: Heather Chadduck Hillegas "With nearly 20 years of experience tailoring fine linens to her clients' tastes, Leontine Linens founder Jane Scott Hodges can set a fete with little more than a flick of her wrist...."     … read more about Southern Living May 2014

Apr 22 2014

Elle Decor May 2014

GREAT IDEAS Leontine bedding featured on Katie Ridder decorated Manhattan apartment and Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer's East Hampton weekend home also features Leontine bedding. Contact us today to create your own custom look! … read more about Elle Decor May 2014

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