About Us

Company Background

Leontine Linens is a privately owned company founded in New Orleans in 1996 by Jane Scott Hodges offering a couture service and product based on the belief that one’s linens should be a reflection and extension of the person’s personal taste and lifestyle. At the heart of Leontine’s philosophy is an artful approach to how one lives.Every product is meant to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis and not simply put in a drawer to be saved for special occasions. It is this philosophy that has propelled Leontine to become a sought-after brand.

In its young life, Leontine has become a leader in the home and luxury consumer goods industry, raising the bar in service and customization. The products are available through their flagship store, located on Magazine Street in New Orleans, and online at www.leontinelinens.com.


Leontine Linens is best known for its truly couture products. The product itself is cut and sewn to order in the style and fabrication specified by the client. The client then further customizes with embroidered, appliquéd or quilted embellishments. Leontine has created an extensive collection of signature monogram and border designs, but the client may choose to collaborate with his or her sales representative to create their own unique designs from scratch. Simply put, there are no limits to the level of customization a client can achieve.


The Leontine experience is equally as important. From its inception, the company began in-home consultations. Unlike the traditional retail setting, the in-home appointment allows for an immediate sense of understanding about how the client lives and what products and designs best compliment his or her lifestyle. The company’s sales representatives intuitively guide the client through the selection process to help them select each design element.

Quality and Craftsmanship

In 2002, Leontine Linens acquired the Eleanor Beard Studio, an historic company located in Hardinsburg, Kentucky that since 1921, has made couture linens known the world over for their superb detail. Each sewer has an acquired specialty, ranging from cutting to hand-stitching to patternmaking. Once an order is placed, each task is specially delegated to an artisan based on her specialty. Leontine designs all products to be as sturdy as they are beautiful. Nearly all of the products are washer- and dryer-safe, with only a select few cashmere pieces requiring special care. A testament to the quality of the products is the archives of antique and vintage Eleanor Beard pieces that line the Leontine office shelves; quilts dating back to the 1930s look as if they were sewn just yesterday.


Each product created by Leontine reflects the individual attention paid to it by the artisans. Whether it’s the buttery softness of the sheeting or the warm weight of the towels, all of the products from Leontine Linens are custom-made and tailored to each client.

A breadth of product offerings include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Bedding – Quilts, Down, Coverlets, Duvets, Shams, Sheets, Bed Skirts
  • Bath – Terry Towels, Linen Guest Towels, Shower Curtains
  • Table Linens – Table Cloths, Table Runners, Dinner Napkins, Placemats, Cocktail Napkins
  • Accessories – Jewelry, Make-up, Toiletry, Travel, and Boudoir Accessories
  • Bed Clothes – Robes, Gowns, Pajama Sets, Nightshirts, and Quilted Bed Jackets

Leontine’s philosophy about leading a lifestyle based on the fine “art of living” has translated well with its customer base and the company has gained a loyal following in the couture luxury market. Leontine’s future plans include continuing to develop and train additional hand-picked sales representatives throughout the US.

Photography by Heather Schneider.